When it comes to advanced technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence, the media tends to obscure or confuse those who are not completely "in the know".  While this is not the intention, it leaves most business leaders either confused or left to assume what these technologies are and what they are capable of doing.  This situation puts most businesses at risk of being left behind in a new and exciting paradigm.

Both during my time with Deloitte Consulting and in the many years after, I have helped various organizations large and small to understand:


  • What cutting edge and traditional A.I. technologies actually are

  • How those technologies will affect your organization today

  • What to do today that will prepare you for what's next in the space

I've formulated a three-step offering to address this need.

A.I. 101 | Introduction to the Space

A complete high-level presentation to your team about the state of the state of Artificial Intelligence.  Together, we'll dispel the myths and uncover the truths about what A.I. actually is and what it is not.  This presentation will prepare you to be dangerous in any conversation regarding applying A.I. to a business use case.


Solving problems with any type of technology requires an ordered approach and a common language so we can communicate most effectively.  Meeting my clients where they are culturally, strategically, tactically, and even emotionally is the foundation of my work.  When dealing with advanced technologies like A.I., my high level of adaptability helps keep everything on track while maintaining trust.

I have a methodical approach that starts with a firm understanding of the problem or issue at hand.  Sometimes the perceived problem isn't even the right one on which to focus.






Find the inputs and outputs.

Understand the process.

Design the solution.

Continually improve.

Build and implement.

A.I. 102 | Present State Assessment

Create a complete understanding of trends, your unique culture, and the processes that keep you running.  This is a strategic operational assessment of everything from your business model to your I.T. infrastructure in an attempt to figure out where current-state A.I. would be applicable.  The end goal is a strategic roadmap and plan.

A.I. 103 | Futureproofing

Futureproofing is all about executing on the plan.  I've never been one to give strategic advice and then walk away to leave my clients to figure it out on their own.  If your team doesn't have the bandwidth to execute, my vast network of trusted advisors and service providers can step up and handle the task with ease.

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